What is Girl Noise Press?

Girl Noise Press is an independent publishing house born out of bedroom culture. You know, that place where you feel safest to make your loudest, weirdest art. 


If it looks, sounds and feels like it was made under the covers with a flashlight, on the phone with a friend, it’s a Girl Noise Press book.


It’s sharply witty, a little DIY, petty, pretty and profound. Written in gel pen by the glow of a lava lamp, then hexed and sealed with a kiss.

Instagram: @girlnoisepress

Diana Le
Founder, Writer, Creative Girl

Diana Le is the founder of Girl Noise Press. She's a recovering film major, turned music writer, turned copywriter. Her personal essays have appeared in FemsplainHelloGiggles, and Teen Vogue

She is the author of Suburban Legend: A memoir

She lives in Seattle in an ethereal '80s teen grandma apartment.

Instagram: @girlnoise