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Self-Publishing Has Helped Me Stop Shopping

One unexpected—and welcome—outcome of self-publishing has been how much it's curbed my shopping habit. I'm not gonna lie, self-publishing this book has been esspensive. And I don't know if I'm doing it wrong, but from all the "How much I spent self-publishing" videos on YouTube I've watched, I've definitely spent a lot more by far than any of those indie authors. But I'm okay with it because I think the book is looking siiiick so far and I've loved the artists I've chosen to work with and want them to be paid fairly.

But because I've been putting so much money into the book, I really haven't shopped much at all in the last six months? Maybe longer? It's been really nice to have something so big and important to me that I'm not even really thinking about clothes. I'm sure I will again when things open up or for when the book comes out and I want to wear something devastatingly HOT. But for now it's nice.

I think I've written about it here on the blog before, but I do still fantasize about having the perfect little author wardrobe and caring less about buying new (used) clothes all the time and just be content with what I have and put my money and my energy towards my art. And the past few months of the self-publishing process has given me a little taste of that. And it just happened so naturally. I guess that's just what happens when you're so tapped in and in a state of flow.

I have bought 3 clothing items recently:

These "Have a Nike Day" Air Force 1s I got off Poshmark that I wore for my author photoshoot.

This DKNY wool plaid mini skirt I got off Poshmark that I was planning to wear to an out-of-town live music show but I didn't end up going because I couldn't find a cat sitter and the seller hasn't even shipped it yet so...

This Burberry-esque mini skirt that's so dark academia.

And I'll be honest, I've been shopping for a lot of home stuff. But that was kind of unexpected and not really in my control. I'm moving apartments in August, which I wasn't planning on when this self-publishing process began so along with book expenses I've had to pay for a lot of unexpected moving expenses as well. But home stuff doesn't feel frivolous to me or guilt-inducing the same way my clothing purchases can. Because I am such a home body by nature and it's where I create, my space and how it makes me feel and inspires me is a big priority to me. I'm excited to be curating a new space that speaks to me and energizes me creatively.

So whatever you're buying right now, whether it's clothes, home decor, or whatever, I hope it sparks creativity!



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