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Fall 2019 Mood Board

I’m finally feeling really creative again. I stopped writing creatively about 4 or 5 years ago. Before that, I was writing on my Tumblr blog just to write. About things I liked. Like movies, music, and style. Going back and reading those posts now, I feel a great deal of love and admiration for that girl. And it’s exactly that writing that led me to contributing personal essays to sites like Femsplain and HelloGiggles. Teen Vogue even picked up one of those essays. But as my career took me into copywriting, I focused my efforts into advancing in that field, and creative writing fell by the wayside.

And I was starting to feel weird writing and publishing personal essays because I was starting to feel like “I’m twenty-three, what do I know about anything and what do I even have to say?” But as I became more established professionally as a copywriter, and even though I love that I’ve found a way to make a living writing, I missed writing for myself and having full creative freedom over my own work. So I started writing again back in February and I haven’t stopped writing since. I’m really proud of the progress I’ve made on my current writing project.

But then a few weeks ago I started missing blogging. Not the kind of fluffy blogging I was trying to do with Oatmeal Cardigan for a bit there, but the blogging I was doing in college. I miss old school blogging. Blogs like Tavi Gevinson’s Style Rookie and Lauren Rose’s Curbside Fashion back in the day. Which is why I redesigned and renamed this blog to look and feel like those old school Blogspot pages.

I feel really close to finishing the first draft of my writing project, so I’ve decided to give myself a little writer’s retreat in November, using up all the PTO I had saved up to take about three weeks off to recharge and just write. I’m looking forward to being home with my cat, in cute sweats, sitting in my little desk nook and putting all my focus into writing.

So my mood for Fall 2019 is basically a cute writing vampire.



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